FV432 Crushes a Motorcycle Helmet!

FV432 obliterates Motorcycle Helmet. Job done!

Double Car Crush!

This ‘blooper’ from the archives, shows that it doesn’t ALWAYS go so smoothly…

Tank Crushes Camper Van!

This is EPIC… a Toyota Camper Van is utterly obliterated mush to the surprise of the Let’s Crush It Team innocently picnicing in the sunshine nearby…

Tank Crushes Ford Mondeo

Much to the upset of our good friend, Erin, who cherishes his beloved Silver Mondeo – we have crushed one very similar, just – because!

M.O.W.E.R. Technology

Andy shows off the latest in cutting edge Military Technology, with his new M.O.W.E.R. vehicle with mounted weapon.

A Royal Wedding Tribute

I bet you thought all we did here at Camp Crush It was destroy stuff? But today, a first… we have CREATED something. We have baked a cake in honour of William and Catherine on the build up to their historic wedding this Friday 29th April 2011. Oh, hang on… none of us like cake… what shall we do with it?

Goo Dares Get’s Crushed!

Creme Egg commits Goo-icide.

Easter Egg Crush Fest!

Lindt Bunny? Special Egg for your loved one? NAH! Let’s Crush It!

Tank Crushes Clock

They say “Time stops for no man”… but at Let’s Crush It.com – we aim to prove them wrong…

Tank Crushes SnowGlobe

Someone sent us this lovely little SnowGlobe…. …so we, like, Crushed It!

Tank Crushes Fisher Price Hospital

Chieftan shows no mercy and obliterates Vintage 70s Fisher Price Hospital, containing survivors from the Fisher Price House disaster.

Tank Crushes Fisher Price House

This vintage 70s style Fisher Price House, complete with innocent family takes a pasting from the Chieftan. Some survived, others did not.

Tank Crushes Television

To celebrate the switching off of the Analogue TV signal in the UK, we decided to completely obliterate this perfectly functional TV.

Tank Crushes Washing Machine

This poor, innocent, Bosche Washing Machine didn’t know what was coming…

Tank Crushes Peugot 305

Oops… we left the fuel in, I wonder what happens next?