Tank Crushes Car Seat

Camp Crush It Safety Test No.2 – The Car Seat.

Chieftan Crushes Mondeo

Chieftan Battle Tank Obliterates Ford Mondeo. Nicely Done ;0)

Tank Crushes Citroen Saxi

Short, sweet, simple – just the way we like it. Even a child can do it!

Crazy Japanese Game Show Crush!?!

This is what happened when we allowed a crazy Japanese Game Show onto Camp Crush It, and let them lose with a Russian Tank and a couple of old cars…

Chieftan obliterates Peugot!

Chieftan obliterates Peugot – extremely satisfying crush this one ;0)

We Jerked The Merc!

I’ve always liked Mercs but this one is boring! Sell it? Scrap it? Naaah, Lets Crush It!

Double Carnage

Car crush? How ’bout 2 cars? Check it out right here, right now!


Runaway Tank


Hmm.. this Hyundai is a dull and boring car, time to crush it! :)

Jaw-Dropping Jaguar Extermination

Watch as we ensure that a jaguar is the next victim to face our mighty tanks!

“Good Riddance Vauxhall Corsa!”

Fast and Furious! Watch as we crush a Vauxhall Corsa in under 20 seconds, C’mon!

Alfa Romeo Gets Pulverised

Nice car? Not anymore! Watch an Alfa Romeo get absolutely pulverised by an MBP Cheiftain!

Tank Crushes Porsche 924

Uh oh, now we’ve done it…. we’ve only gone and crushed a Porsche!!

Double Car Crush!

This ‘blooper’ from the archives, shows that it doesn’t ALWAYS go so smoothly…

Tank Crushes Camper Van!

This is EPIC… a Toyota Camper Van is utterly obliterated mush to the surprise of the Let’s Crush It Team innocently picnicing in the sunshine nearby…

Tank Crushes Ford Mondeo

Much to the upset of our good friend, Erin, who cherishes his beloved Silver Mondeo – we have crushed one very similar, just – because!

Tank Crushes Peugot 305

Oops… we left the fuel in, I wonder what happens next?