Meet The Team

Here at Let’s Crush It, we take our Awesome Campaign of Destruction, very seriously indeed.  We’ve compiled a crack team of experts to bring you the sexiest, most technically accurate, most entertaining, and most destructive tank-related content we possibly can!  Meet the gang…


Pippa, Brand Ambassador for Let’s Crush, is the life and soul of the team.  Always ready to throw herself on top of a Tank, or into a Video or Photo shoot, Pippa is a true professional and LOVES all things Tank related.

Into military fashion, and keen on weaponry of all shapes and sizes, Pippa is the perfect addition to the Let’s Crush It team.

Having been party to many a Tank Crush, Pippa wants to see what ideas you guys come up with for us to crush!

Andy Marshall

Andy’s interest in tanks started at the age of around four, due to his father being a tank crewman during the Second World War. Plastic kits, lots of books and regular visits to Bovington tank museum were a feature of his younger life until he joined the Royal Tank Regiment in the 1970’s.

He saw active service in the UN forces, Middle East and in N. Ireland. He then became a mercenary and saw service in several places around the world.

After his military life, he became involved for many years on the touring side of the music business, working for bands such as The Rolling Stones, Guns’n’Roses, AC/DC and Elton John (hence the unmilitary appearance now!) This enabled him to visit many battlefields and museums around the world such as Kursk and Volgograd (Stalingrad) when driving across the Soviet Union in the 1980’s.

He now instructs tank driving and is the armourer at Tanks Alot

Rick O’Neill

Rick is the creative and technical genius behind Let’s Crush – Responsible for the Website, Social Media, Video Production and all things Brand and Marketing, he is a Businessman, a Father, a Creative and a Geek all rolled into one.

Having spent many years working in the Security Industry in a former life, and 3 years at University living with a Marine Commando, he has tenuous (at best) links with Military Interests, but he sure does love to see Tanks Crushing Stuff and he sure is passionate about Let’s Crush It.

Degree educated, award winning designer, entrepreneur and family man – Rick likes to live life to the full and throws himself into whatever he puts his mind to.

Tim Hawkes

Tim has by no means led a conventional life. His obsession with military vehicles started when he was 9 when his dad’s friend turned up at the doorstep with a DUKW (WW2 amphibious truck). His first car was a 1942 Willys jeep which he still owns today and runs about in whenever possible.

Tim has a degree in Mechanical engineering and is a Chartered engineer, following graduation he went to work for British Aerospace working specifically in the guided weapons industry. He worked on a number of key defence projects before deciding to leave the corporate world and start his own business.

In a complete change of direction, Tim started Unlimited Potential a leadership and coaching consultancy that supports leaders to grow and improve themselves. This successful company he still runs today.

During the weekends as a hobby Tim drives tanks and attends military vehicle shows, combined with bringing up 3 young children with his wife it makes him a very busy person.