Tanks, Trucks and Firepower – August Bank

Tanks, Trucks and Firepower – August Bank


War & Peace Show, 18th to 22nd July

The World’s Largest Military Vehicle Spectacular.


We will be at Wicksteed park this June for the “Wicksteed at War” event

Wicksteed At War June 8th, 9th and 10th  (Park opening times, plus Saturday evening until 11pm)

- Military vehicles and displays
- Battle and military encampment re-enactments
- Period trade stands
- 1940′s style entertainment in the Beer Tent
- Royal British Legion’s 90th anniversary march and memorial service
- Steam in the Park
- Annual Summer Beer Festival, 50+ real ales


Bunker Bash – LIVE Let’s Crush It Arena Event. 19th-20th May 2012

May 2012, we’re doing the Bunker Bash again!! We will be featuring at the BUNKER BASH in Chelmsford. Each of the two days, we will take over the main arena, and will be crushing something right before your very eyes! We won’t reveal just yet what we plan to crush, but it will be SPECTACULAR I can assure you!! Stay Tuned…

The event is the Bunker Bash, it takes place on the 19th and 20th May 2012 at the Secret Nuclear Bunker near Chelmsford (postcode CM15 0LA).

You can see more on the bunker bash at http://www.bunkerbash.co.uk/



Let’s Crush It Events

Every year, we’ll be putting on LIVE ARENA EVENTS, including LIVE CRUSHES, and other destructive and frankly outrageous events and spectacles!!