Our guns used in a movie!

Lets crush it were asked to supply some weapons for a movie being filmed in South London. Being one to never say no, I raided the armoury for Mad Max style guns including MG42, MG15, Vickers gun and the mighty Lanchester, plus a few other oddities. This is just a small collection of the weapons that we have at Tanks a Lot.

The director seemed happy and I had a great time. If you are looking to hire guns for any event then get in touch with the tab at the top of this page. Look forward to hearing from you.


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Andy shows off the latest in cutting edge Military Technology, with his new M.O.W.E.R. vehicle with mounted weapon.

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Welcome to our armoury in Northamptonshire, one of the most extensive privately owned collections in the country. Here you can find over 200 weapons from the 18th century to the 21st century from all over the world. The armoury is sectioned into nationality and type, everything from our smallest Webley-Scott pistol to the biggest Browning .50 cal heavy machine gun. We have an American made Luger and an Egyptian army Smith & Wesson revolver, the inevitable AK47 and the rare MP44.

There are projector and Wi-Fi facilities for conferencing (capacity up to 36 people) and a military themed monthly film club is soon to be launched.

Below left: Webley Scott pistol and Browning machine gun. Below right: Tank gun ammunition.

Below left: Part of our hand grenade collection. Below right: British Army rifles though the ages from the Brown Bess to the SA80.

Meet the Armourer:

Andy served in the Royal Tank Regiment in the 1970’s during which time he saw active service in the UN forces, Middle East and in N. Ireland. He then became a mercenary and saw service in several places around the world. He started with Tanks A-Lot in 2008 as a tank driving instructor before becoming the Armourer.