Tim Hawkes

Tim has by no means led a conventional life. His obsession with military vehicles started when he was 9 when his dad’s friend turned up at the doorstep with a DUKW (WW2 amphibious truck). His first car was a 1942 Willys jeep which he still owns today and runs about in whenever possible.

Tim has a degree in Mechanical engineering and is a Chartered engineer, following graduation he went to work for British Aerospace working specifically in the guided weapons industry. He worked on a number of key defence projects before deciding to leave the corporate world and start his own business.

In a complete change of direction, Tim started Unlimited Potential a leadership and coaching consultancy that supports leaders to grow and improve themselves. This successful company he still runs today.

During the weekends as a hobby Tim drives tanks and attends military vehicle shows, combined with bringing up 3 young children with his wife it makes him a very busy person.

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