Tank Crushes Glider

At last! It’s here! The epic Glider Crush! Feast your beady little eyes on this carnage!

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Tank Crushes Fire Extinguisher!

Tank Crushes Fire Extinguisher! Whatever will happen when we drive over this potentially fatal item!?

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Tank Crushes Car Seat

Camp Crush It Safety Test No.2 – The Car Seat.

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Chieftan Crushes Mondeo

Chieftan Battle Tank Obliterates Ford Mondeo. Nicely Done ;0)

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Tank Crushes Playstation 3

Oops! What HAVE we done!? We went and crushed the world’s most popular games console. Silly us….

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Indestructible Mug? I think not…

Indestructible Mug? I think not… Tank crushes “indestructible” mug. Nice…

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Tank Crushes… Dildo!

Giant wobbly Dildo withstands a pounding from a Tank.

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Tank Crushes Citroen Saxi

Short, sweet, simple – just the way we like it. Even a child can do it!

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Crazy Japanese Game Show Crush!?!

This is what happened when we allowed a crazy Japanese Game Show onto Camp Crush It, and let them lose with a Russian Tank and a couple of old cars…

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Chieftan obliterates Peugot!

Chieftan obliterates Peugot – extremely satisfying crush this one ;0)

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